Buyer Pre-Consult

As a new home buyer, you have many questions about the process. How do you start?

First things, right? You need to know your purchasing power. In other words, what is the top amount that a lender will loan you. Having a short conversation with a trusted, local lender will get you the answers to your financial questions:

1. How much can you afford?
2. What is the best type of loan for you?
3. What will your monthly payment be?

As your first step toward home ownership, reach out to a lender.  If you haven't selected one yet, many of our past, happy clients have chosen Tim Stratton with Cross Country Mortgage in Burlington, NC. Give him a call at (216) 624-8336 for a confidential consultation.  If you prefer, you can go to his website and fill out the application.  Tim Stratton with CrossCountry Mortgage.  It's that easy!  

We also have Timothy Ricket with Rapid Mortgage in Charlotte, NC! You can call him at 704-900-9067. You can start the process HERE with him if you would like.

We also have more lenders available to choose from HERE!

If you'd rather compare rates first you can do that here: North Carolina Mortgage Calculator
You can also figure out how much house you can afford here: How much house can I afford?

See more information that can help you learn more on getting started here:
We look forward to guiding you along the way!

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